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Some may have already seen a post I made recently on Facebook regarding a certain attitude filled response I had to a question posed to my 6-year-old boy…

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 08.35.22

He seems to have reached a point in his life where Mum and Dad no longer have the absolute control over the world that we might have had.  The WAY things are done are questioned, WHY am I always a grumpy sod (in my own words, but meant in such a way by him).  The best part is that Isaac being almost 2 and a half and learning new words by the day is more than happy to copy his older brother.

This most recently came to light after several minutes of intermittent screaming in the garden whilst chasing the cat around.  Asked several times by Rosie to stop it as the neighbours don’t want to hear this noise which, as she describes it, is something unique to Josh and sounds like 5 boys screaming at once, all coming from the same mouth…

Again they do it and I have to step in with the absolute ‘pack it in now’ or they are both coming back inside.  Josh hesitating, wanting desperately to say something decides against it and mumbles as he walks away, and Isaac firmly plants a fierce ‘pissed off’ look on his face, full on frown and everything with a tightly crossed pair of arms to boot.

It is in these moments that Rosie is useless.  Absolutely no good to me whatsoever; she will see it, gasp in amazement but swiftly turn around to laugh her head off.  I so badly want to but have to maintain the bad guy persona for just a moment longer so that he gets the message.  I have to laugh about it later, incredible to see such a reaction from a tiny person.

They both continue to play and only occasionally scream, both looking up to see whether I am watching – that is when I know both of them received the message.  I continue my washing up, smiling to myself and thinking about how much they have both grown up and changed.

Anyway on to new things.  Rosie’s best friend Lucy has had a complete revamp of her blog, cut out the husband part of it and taken to motherhood like a dream – this blog documents her trials with said husband, trials with poo explosions and everything else that goes with being a new Mum.

Make sure you add her to your follow list to catch a weekly update of her #BadBabyBookReview and #RhymeTimeTuesday.

Be sure to check it out – Muffin Top Mummy.


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