As one moves on, one begins again

It has been some time since my last post, but it is amazing to see just how the interaction between my two boys; these brothers, has developed.

Isaac is now a fully-blown walker.  Albeit incredibly unsteady and often topples over things he gets right back on his feet and will continue the path.  This is all much to Josh’s excitement, a person smaller than him that can’t wrestle back, can’t swoop him off his feet and lob him onto a pile of cushions that he can chase and create his own little games with.

There is a real sense of bonding when I either listen to the excitement from the kitchen or watch how they go about teasing each other.

This isn’t without conflict though.  As Isaac becomes more aware of the fact he is able to go to a toy and initiate his own playtime, he becomes increasingly more frustrated by the fact that Josh will try and get involved in it, often taking said toy away to make up his own game.  Both Rosie and I often forget that J is still only 5 years old, and although incredibly articulate, there is a whole load of developing still going on in his head.

This was one of those times where he still hadn’t matured enough to rationalise what he was seeing.

There was a program on the television some time ago, I don’t remember what but the woman was crying from happiness.  Josh piped up and said “why is that lady crying but smiling, isn’t she sad ?”…We explained the situation and that there was a lot of love involved, and it can make a person so overcome with emotion that you can be incredibly happy, but tears will come out.  So we asked him – ‘What does love mean to you ?”

With his answer I was quite taken aback.

He looked a little puzzled, I mean he hears both of us tell him an awful lot that we love him and that he is making us very proud, went quiet and we could tell he was mulling the answer over in his mind; then came out with:

“Is it when you’re not expecting something and you’re really excited like when someone wants to be with you and love you forever, that makes you cry and laugh at the same time

Quite profound I thought for a little guy.

Whereas Josh appears to be increasing in confidence and building on his inquisitive nature, Isaac in his own way has started to communicate with us.

He appears to understand where food comes from, in particular enjoying a fish pie that Rosie makes and will point to the fridge for some we have kept behind for him.

He will bring you a book over knowing that it means just a moment on Mummies knee to read to him, before jumping down to find something else to play with.

He’ll hold a phone (but pretty much any square/rectangle shaped object) to his ear and start going “Yea…YEAA…YEAAA…yea” into it as though talking to someone; all the while walking around and pointing at various things.

It is nice to see him growing well, saying “Daddyyy…daddyyy…dadda” and; unfortunately the same at Rosie – the ‘m’ sound is getting there, but still very much a ‘Da’ sound at the moment.  The only thing we both wish, above all other things right now, is that he would sleep when he is meant to sleep.

Rosie is exceptional.  Said countless times before but worth another mention, the time and unconditional commitment to that boy is just incredible.  From just gone 11pm through to sometimes 3am in the morning she will be sitting there with him, gently cradling him or otherwise being close by in order to ease him off to his own sleep; either way I will often be awake in bed wanting to be able to take over, and often try to, only to be turned away because it will rile him up more.  Given his age – a year and a couple of months – separation anxiety is now also a real fear of his, and when Rosie sets him down christ do we know about it.  That kind of mothering is wonderful to see, and I will continue offering the mental support to her as best as I can.

Given my brothers wedding in a little over 5 months, I am hoping Isaac cracks the sleeping thing because it will allow us both to enjoy the week a little more…

Until the next one, enjoy whatever you might be doing.


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