Learning, both learning.

So I am now a Dad of children that will forevermore be referred to as ‘so many’ years old, rather than being measured by years old and ‘so many; months.

Both of their birthdays have been just incredible. We have such a great family around them both I feel very lucky that they will grow up knowing such wonderful people.

The turning of a year old also marks Isaac’s incredibly fast rate that he is learning things.  Stuff that Josh has obviously now mastered, he is helping to teach to his younger sibling which is great to watch, but teaching; paired with an uncontrollable desire to annoy his brother.

The most recent being Isaac’s newfound ability to clamber up onto the settee.  A fairly laboured climb initially as to be expected is now a swift swing of the legs and suddenly he is at the back trying to find his way down between the back and the wall.  All is well – I tend to surround the first foot away from the chair with pillows and whatever happens, happens.  Josh is a little less patient, indeed getting more and more excited as Isaac edges towards what must look like a cliff edge to him in expectation of the fall.  What ensues is a little nudge in the back that I am assured is ‘encouragement’, but I know full well is him wanting to see the fall.

The satisfying moment as a Dad trying to help his first born son navigate through these early years, is the moral dilemma that spreads across his face, the battle he is having knowing that what he is doing is not on, intertwined with that insatiable desire to test a boundary.

Fortunately, Isaac bounces well and after that look of ‘christ what just happened there’ leaves his face having been laid flat out on his back, he sits back up and like all good explorers, ventures the territory again.

He gets up, coasts about a little bit – coming close the edge and looking at me. This time around, Josh sits quietly in his little space, watching it unfold and deciding against another firm prod in the back.


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