There have been definite moments throughout my limited time parenting that really stand out – crawling/walking towards you with arms out, meaningfully saying Dada/Daddy, that first time Josh wanted a cuddle and to feel safe whilst laying in bed feeling scared…

I have no time off work to be able to walk with him to his new school tomorrow, but Rosie will be getting him dressed into this new blue uniform that identifies Barnham Primary, getting his little book bag and walking to greet the other Mums at ‘the meeting place’.

Quite how the both of them will react come that time to leave the gates is yet to be seen, there was a video online that surfaced recently of a new entrant to school over in America that; when asked by the reporter whether he would be missing his Mum replied no, but soon after starting crying when the actual realisation hit him – here is that video.

I don’t envisage this sort of reaction but you just never know.

The little people he has befriended over the past couple of years at his nursery are pretty much all going to Barnham, and a fair few are in his class – in my eyes the ideal kind of situation for all of them.

From talking to Mums at work and customers I see regularly who ask about my boys, it appears both Rosie and I are about to see some seriously big changes in our young man.  Even before Christmas we can apparently expect to see big leaps made with his writing/drawing ability which is exciting.

Both Rosie and I have spent a lot of time with him going through the alphabet, recognising letters and reciting numbers as high as he can go.  He recognises his own name and can write that without help – albeit it sometimes spelt JSOH with the ‘S’ the other way round.  He has never had trouble with his speech and I am completely confident that he can articulate what he needs to say to anyone which is comforting.  At least he can get help where I can’t be there to help him.

Josh is looking forward to it, hasn’t stopped talking about what he might learn and do when he is there and I am looking forward to helping him with homework when he starts getting some.

I’m excited too.

School starts and parenting milestones aside, Lucy over at Mr and Mrs Munday is getting married this month.  Please do visit her page and leave her a congratulations.


One thought on “Skool.

  1. Takes me right back to when you and David started school, and look at you both now! It’s the start of his biggest adventure before adulthood, he’s be fine, and so will his mummy and daddy! Xxxx

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