When did this suddenly happen.

My child, my first born; still very young child has started to me ‘Dad’.

Such a trivial thing to have to accept as a parent, but the inevitable loss of that ‘d’ and ‘y’ seems to have happened sooner than I was expecting.  I don’t even know what time frame I had given myself for this to start happening but we are there.

I am sure other kids of a similar age have started addressing their parents in the same way but because I am working a lot, I don’t get to see them quite as often and it is all fairly sudden to me !

I love to see the interaction between him and his peers, the developmental progression between them and how they treat their parents.  It fully cements the idea to me that Isaac will be incredibly different, because even as a baby Josh was particularly subdued around others.  Some of his friends motor around whilst waiting for his nursery to open, others (those Josh seems more naturally drawn to) tend to stand fairly still, chatting amongst themselves and staying close to their Mums and Dads.

Short and sweet this, just hearing Josh calling Rosie ‘Mum’ and addressing me more and more frequently as ‘Dad’ makes his imminent school starting all that more real.

Primary school – blimey, between colleagues at work not believing that ‘he is at school already’ and our own parental realisation, there is space for a whole other post…


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