Bugs and Bulbs

A poorly child is not a nice sight for a parent.

Josh had caught (and has now shifted) one of those standard illnesses that goes around all the local children having spent time playing together at nursery and the like.

It is half term which is an unfortunate time to develop an illness but, on the whole he does shrug things off pretty quickly so he will be back to normal in no time I am sure.

Isaac seems to have avoided the whole stomach ache / sick / poo situation, although I was a little wary yesterday (Sunday), as he managed to get through 6 lovely nappies which for him is quite some going.

But for me – and it will sound incredibly mean – Josh feeling poorly means he wants a cuddle, and its nice to feel that ‘wanted’ feeling for comfort.

He must have my genes – or work ethic – not entirely sure, but either way, I am rarely off work through illness, and tend to take a fairly uninterested view of ‘serial sickies’ that are about.  A memory I have of my own Dad is him telling me to get on and work for my own integrity, that people will notice and reward you.

They haven’t, I am still languishing but, I stay true to myself in that if I can work then I will !

And to the ‘Bulbs’ part of the title.  The ‘UV Blacklight Bulb’ purchase that you may remember I mentioned in a previous post.

I am not normally one to be caught out by such a small mistake in reading, but this time I have been.  If you’re ever ordering a blacklight bulb, ensure it states somewhere on it UV / Ultraviolet or similar because if it does not, what you will get is indeed a black bulb.  A standard bulb, painted black.

Can’t argue with the product description, quite clearly a black light, but still; not happy.

Anyway lesson learnt – go to B&Q and buy one.


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