‘Back to Work’ looms…


Not so long back it honestly felt like 3 weeks off from work was going to be the longest and best time I have had in quite a while.

Best time – absolutely.  Being able to spend time with my lovely family has been incredible !  Rosie continues to show just how much of an incredible woman she is, both supporting me but more impressively just how wonderful she is with the 2 boys day in, day out.

With Mothers Day tomorrow, Josh has entirely dictated the run of play for the morning’s breakfast in bed.  Rosie won’t be reading this before the morning so between you and me, this is Josh’s selection:


  • Toast with Peanut Butter.
  • ‘Twister’ Squash.


  • A massive seagull feather he has found and would like to present to Rosie
  • A long (at the time closed but now opening) pine cone
  • A potted flower that he has planted with help from his nursery teachers and a couple of hand prints on a card for her

Honestly any other suggestions for bits and pieces have been swiftly rejected – this is what we are having.

Isaac has been so close to laughing.  There are full-blown smiles now at anyone who cares to pull a face at him, but giggling still isn’t quite there.  Turns out that there will be some kind of convulsion from deep inside where he is trying to release what he is feeling, but more often than not there is plenty of sick instead.

Rocket Room

Josh’s speech – more sentence structure – is incredible to listen to.  He really does articulate what he wants to say brilliantly, but still has a tendency to get frustrated with himself if he can’t quite explain something how he quite clearly sees it in his head.

More touchingly, he said to me that he doesn’t want me to go back to work soon because he is having too much fun.  I’ll take that to mean ‘Daddy job success’.

Josh the Knight

For me personally, I feel like there has been a hell of a lot accomplished in these few weeks.  A lot of work has gone into the house; new fridge, painting, garden work etc.  I have also explored more courses to get into Digital Marketing which I will be starting soon too so all in all, exciting and satisfying stuff !



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