Are ‘Black Lights’ still acceptable…?!

Does anyone use or have one of these fabled pieces of electronics that isn’t a forensic scientist, bank worker catching out wannabe crooks or ‘teeth whitening technician’ – (all that a quick Google showed up) ??

UV light used to whiten teeth

Picture Credit

If I am correct, then it was the 60’s during which these lights really caught on and would be used to absolute excess in discos and around homes, but as I was painting some more of Josh’s new ‘Space Room’ the other day, my thoughts wondered to what I should do with the Glow in the Dark paint and how I should go about getting the planets looking good on the wall.

Again the ever-reliable Pinterest has thrown up some good ideas, some quite far fetched it has to be said but, in amongst all the different takes on this theme I saw an ultraviolet bulb that was being used for something different.

I wondered again – are UV bulbs still readily available because if they are (and I have since found some), then having one of these as the main source of light in the evening is hopefully going to throw up some impressive sights because I plan to spatter the wall with the glowing stuff too.  It’s going to be a full on galaxy in there.

Trying to explain to Josh however what a ‘Black Light’ actually is; was quite a challenge, I took to showing him various pictures and a YouTube clip to let him visualise what kind of thing a black light might do – he seems rather excited.

We have all done some pretty cool stuff during my 3 weeks holiday from work, room painting, vegetable garden making, trips to the sea and amusements, den building and the like – for a little more good reading of getting things done and not a hint of procrastination, visit that link.  Anyway Friday will be the finishing touches to everything in his room with the bulbs due to get here sometime next week for a test-run !


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