Coffee Shop Ambience

I’ll be honest. Everyone loves honesty.

Yesterday saw the arrival of our brand new fridge.  In place now and absolutely gleaming in a kitchen backdrop that needs a little touching up with paint.

Rosie has her best of friends Lucy around for a cup of tea and probably some sort of lunch, and I have ventured to town to get household supplies.  This has included some of the baby necessities; Sudocrem, wipes and because of Isaacs new-found love of food, pots that are soon to be filled and frozen.

This is where that honesty bit comes in (Rosie will read this at some point) – I have taken half an hour to myself which I have chosen to spend sat in Starbucks coffee shop with a cappuccino.

My one aim coming to town was to get Josh some screws for his finished rocket to be mounted to the wall.  Mirror screws, fairly standard looking, just have a cap that will finish the look I am going for.

Couldn’t find them – I went to Robert Dyas, trekked up to C & H Fabrics in hope, still nothing.  This is after getting all the shopping bits before that has been done whilst navigating the ageing population that resides in this city.  Honestly, absolute nightmare.

Hence my desire to sit down for a bit, get a mandatory corner out of the way in the nearest coffee shop, write a little something down and enjoy watching children try with all their clever might to get a new toy they’ve seen whilst traipsing around town, only to be coldly refused by the ‘mean parent’.  I look forward to coming up with a few of my own.


4 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Ambience

    1. Ha I felt the need for gifts !! I have linked to your blog too from my Welcome page in the hope to drive that extra 1 person per month to yours haha !


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