“A Reward Can Not Be Valued If It Is Not Understood”

I saw that quote online whilst researching this post – to whoever wrote it, you were uncredited but, I recognise you by including this mention.

Reward Charts.  In one form or another, they are still – I think – a necessary part of bringing up a child.  The quote lends itself to this process, and I read it in such a way to say that if you dish out rewards (for this instance I suppose it would be treats, toys, time on the iPad playing games) like nobody’s business, then that whole feeling of having earned said privileges goes right away.

On the whole, Josh has been an incredible boy but, he is still only 4 years old and any reading you do on this age group will mention the fact that they are likely to (and do !!) test limits; all the time.

Rosie and I have been toying with the idea of introducing one, but this mornings little episode and display of rude behaviour has pushed us just far enough to bring something in.

And so it is off to good old reliable Pinterest with their abundance of ideas and tweaks on ideas and retweaks on tweaks of ideas.

There appear to be 2 main themes, behavioural and chore based charts – we think a combination of the two would be ideal.

I like this idea, choosing a random chore or indeed behavioural requirement that we expect from him, Rosie isn’t too keen and would rather have a set list of things that he can visually see being completed – something similar to this I should imagine.

Either way, it is being discussed and Josh will soon have a way to complete tasks in a way that earns him something.  He enjoys expressing his own thoughts and ideas more and more frequently, but I’ve picked up that he is showing the characteristics of someone that would rather have structure to what they are doing, rather than just run about with no real aim.


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