Don’t blink, you’ll miss it

There are things in life that are incredibly quick.

A Jack Russell spotting a rabbit some distance away and absolutely belting after it, Josh getting off his chair after being offered a treat for eating all his tea, Rosie getting to Boots on hearing there is a sale on Benefit makeup.

You get the idea.

I felt a similar kind of speed about my life this morning.  I realised I now have 2 sons, one a fully fledged little boy now, no more referring to him as a toddler – he goes to school this year. Oh man.

The other moment that added to this whole feeling of ‘whoa, here we are’, was doing Josh’s night-time wee trip.

We put him to bed around 7:30pm, and since he started sleeping with no nappies months and months ago, I have always gone into his room at about 10:00pm to give him a cuddle, lift him off his bed and put him on the little potty type thing we have in there with all intention that a regular time in the evening of going to the toilet again should become part of his routine when he gets to that point of going solo. A little kiss on the cheek and tuck him back to bed.

Anyway it was during the time that he was sat down and trying to empty that he was muttering in his sleeping state. He mumbled something about not wanting Isaac to be left alone outside in the cold, and was he ok.

It hit me hard.  I had this massive sense of realisation – it isn’t just Rosie and I, but Joshua too is being had an effect on too by this new little person.  He is seeing Isaac growing and smiling at him, and I have been ever so proud of Josh.  He is an incredibly caring little boy, protective to the point where he will get frustrated with people if they accidentally act what he deems to be a little bit rough behaviour near Isaac.

Families with 2 or more I am sure will add that it may not last, that there will be battles and conflict, power struggles and the like but, for the next few months while Isaac learns what his brother is about, I am absolutely elated with the example Josh is setting.



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