Weaning – aka – Messiest Experience Ever…

There are books dedicated to it.

There is advice and video tutorials online.

There are numerous contraptions that you would likely see go through a process like Dragons Den to help aid this process, but nothing really prepares you for how that little person will react to this new taste sensation.

Sitting in his little bouncing chair Isaac has taken surprisingly well to quite a few different tastes we have thrown at him (figuratively speaking).

We started him off with this kind of porridgy looking mixture from Aptamil.  Their follow-on milk range is excellent and it was the brand we used with Joshua too.

Weaning begins...

From reading about weaning, there appears to be some debate as to when you should start this whole process.  I will throw my thought out – if your child seems ready for it, go with it.  The guideline looks like it is around the 6 month old mark and apparently ‘never before 4 months’.  Again, Isaac seemed ready by what he was doing with his chewing actions and little triggers Rosie being with him all the time had picked up on.  I fully support her decision.

Moving on to more tasty options, a particular favourite has been a pre-made Apple + Pear combo from the Hipp Organic range.  Rosie was conscious of using shop bought products because, as is the way with anything that you buy, you never know quite know what is inside.  Seeing the 100% fruit, 88% Pear and 12% Apple taking up the entirety of the ingredient list was reassuring to her.

Hipp Organic Pot

Muslin.  My God do not underestimate the importance and usefulness of these guys.  We have got a stack of these and I love to keep one close 95% of the time.  They’ll soak up almost anything that comes from that boys mouth, but get saturated pretty quickly.  They are cheap as you like, buy a stack and then get some more.

Rosie does a lot of his feeds, I very much enjoy watching his smile as Rosie sings to him.  To start with Isaac would push whatever it was back out of his mouth with his tongue which meant a lot of skilful spoon-handling from Mummy but, he got to grips with this new texture and like I said a little earlier, has managed to try a lot of flavours !

I’ll finish with a word of warning.  Dads I expect you’ll be changing a lot of nappies either way, you are not exempt from this necessary part of parenting, but blimey does this new menu increase the frequency of the more smelly deposits.

Nappies, Sudocrem and wipes at the ready.

Oh and keep that muslin close by, they’ll be sick more often too…


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