Tiny Baby Steps…

There was a moment earlier on, one of those times that you feel like, as a father, you are really bonding with this tiny new person you have helped to bring into this big old world.  I am an incredibly emotionally sensitive person, the kind of guy that will get quite openly tearful at a program like Undercover Boss.  You know, when they hear a story of hardship from someone, spend time as immediate colleagues bonding, then reveal themselves and grant them £10,000 to change their whole life.  That kind of thing.

We were getting ready to see Grandad for some lunch and build a lovely MDF rocket for Joshua’s new ‘space themed’ room; Rosie rushing around in her own inimitable style.  I had Isaac in my arms after he had started crying (absolutely insistent on holding and trying to comfort him when he is crying) when that song came on from Fifty Shades of Grey.

By the way, absolutely well worth a listen, I think it is a brilliant track – here is the handy link for you – Earned It – The Weeknd !

Anyway, Isaac had settled, the song has a fairly slow pace to it, and I caught myself halfway through the tune just rocking with him in my arms, standing in the middle of the kitchen; the most surprising part being that when I turned my head to look at him he was actually resting on my shoulder and kind of chewing my jumper.

Whether he just liked the texture and wanted to munch on it I’ll never know, but he was quiet and seemed content for those 3 minutes with his Daddy.



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