The Unsettled Newborn

Isaac is no longer a newborn, rather a fully fledged smiling baby. The fact still remains however that this tiny person I helped to create, simply can not stand the thought of me cuddling him whilst sleepy.

I try my best to let Rosie sleep when she can.  If I hear him begin to scream then I will try and get out of bed to see him and do my best bit of comfort, more often than not a gentle bit of bouncing on the cot mattress is sufficient, but on the odd occasions where he may need some food, God help me.

I don’t know whether you other Dads have experience it – although if you are the primary caregiver then please let me know otherwise – but I can hold Isaac for a good 30 minutes and he will cry the entire time; Rosie will stride in, fed up at my incompetence (she isn’t I don’t think, but that is sure how I feel), take him off me and within minutes he is settled and asleep.

We have read about it, and it seems to be that only Mum will do in these first months, from month 5 and onwards, I may start to get a look in.  It is an upsetting time, Josh was the same, wanted nothing to do with me and would cry to the point of being sick everywhere.

Until next time, the picture below shows, to me at least, how Isaac seems to enjoy my company best…

Sleeping Isaac


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