Questions, so many questions…

Wow.  I have never experienced so many questions from a person. Not since Jeremy Paxman interviewed Michael Howard has there been such intense scrutiny of someone.

I quite enjoy it, at times the relentless questioning can be tiring, but I think once you see it as his incredible speed of learning and wanting fatherly wisdom it can give you a great feeling when you come back with an answer that satisfies that little mind.  You can tell, he wheels away smiling and mutters “oh, I never knew that”.

Even as I type I have him sat next to me, defacing my newspaper and asking what the various articles are.  Whether I speak to him in the right way is open for discussion…I tend to talk as though I am speaking to another adult, trying to explain infographics and the price of shares – he found a picture of Jihadi John and through his own experiences asked whether he was a ninja to which I replied ‘absolutely not, he is a baddie’ to which he promptly scrubbed him out with my pen.  I am not exploring terrorism with a 4 year old.

Time to wrap this one up, get on the floor and build a ‘booby trap’ with him to catch Mummy.

Defaced Metro


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