Welcome !

First off, thanks for sticking around long enough to at least begin reading !

That blog title – “Daddy Is Super Tall” – came about only today, when doing a nursery run and my eldest was chatting to a friend of his and literally came out with the expression.  Made me smile.

From reading other ‘Dad blogs’, it turns out this may be just over 5 years too late to begin blogging about my journey into being a Dad, but begin I shall…

My name is Chris, a 6 foot 3 inch (again, hence the title) fairly run-of-the-mill kind of guy I think that works hard for his family, and is very much enjoying where I am right now.

I have 2 children, the very lynchpins of this here blog, Joshua (just over 4 years old), and Isaac (just over 4 months old !)

I share these two with my wonderful wife-to-be; Rosie.  Dads reading this, I could only hope for you that your respective partners are as special as her.  It is nigh on 8 years we have been together, she has such an incredible family – all of whom I love – and watching how she is with the two boys gives me such joy.  Maternal woman at her absolute finest.

That is it for ‘the Opener’, stay with me, I will document our activity as best I can, share the games and any tips I can, and generally let you in just a little on our family from South England.

Anyway, to put faces to those names there is a picture just below.   You’ll know who is who.

Chris, Rosie, Joshua and Isaac


5 thoughts on “Welcome !

    1. 🙂 Thankyou Jen, thoroughly enjoying documenting those little tidbits as they happen. Something else for them both to have a record of alongside their emails !


  1. Not just run-of-the-mill, try genuinely one of the nicest people I have the pleasure of knowing. Look forward to the next installment 🙂 xx


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